Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Winco...For Lunch

Carson Park Ranger takes a look today at a new lunch offering available at Eureka's Winco. While he seems a bit skeptical of the product, he reminded me that Winco has become my place of choice for lunch lately.

I'd normally paid scant attention to the delicatessen at Winco when I'd go shopping there, but some things caught my eye. So, one day I just had a craving for something I'd seen at the Winco deli and decided to try it out. The only prepared food I'd had there before was their fried and baked chicken which, while good, I can only take so much of as I can't handle grease and fat very well.

The first thing I tried, after the baked chicken, was a premade Chicken Alfredo as that appealed to me at the time. I think it was a little over $2.50. Heated it up when I got home and it was pretty good. My only complaint was the portion wasn't quite big enough to satisfy me. Maybe a half size bigger would of left me filled. Couldn't beat the price, though.

A day, two or three later, I had a craving for salad. I'd taken a close look at the salads they had available when I was there the other day and they stuck in my mind. I just wondered if there was enough salad for the meal as the containers were relatively small.

Not to worry. For between $1.50 to around $3.50, depending on which salad you wanted, there was more than enough. The package size is deceiveing as somehow they really cram the thing full. The downside to that is it can be tricky to eat the salad right out of the container as it decompresses and spills out of the container. Best to take it home and get a LARGE bowl to eat it from.

So, you can go from $1.48 for the Garden Salad, which is just vegetables, to just under $4.00 for the Seafood Salad (I'll have to try that one one of these days) and have a nice, healthy, filling lunch. Two of us can buy a salad lunch for around $5.00 total and it's still cheaper than going to a salad bar for one person.

One problem with lunch at Winco- other than Leonardi's Pizza- is the deli is all the way in the back of the store. Still, that's quicker than going to Taco Bell and waiting in line. Another is having to wait in the check out line to pay for your salad, but the lines at Winco seem to go pretty quick for me even if there's a lot of people there most of the time.

So, I recommend you all join me and my fellow riff- raff at Winco for lunch one of these days, except it's best to take it home to eat it. After all, you musn't forget to wash your hands and you'll need a big bowl, at least for the salad.


At 8:20 AM, Blogger Carson Park Ranger said...

Safe behind the ramparts of the bulk bins, the deli staff at Winco is refreshingly friendly and helpful.

At 9:40 AM, Anonymous Snickerdoodles said...

Winco is better than Taco Hell, hmm?

Well, at least I know where you set your culinary standards ...

At 10:03 AM, Blogger The Boy Most Likely to ... said...

See you there Fred, as I am often there due to my work (sorry Quacks!)

At 10:23 AM, Blogger Fred said...

Snickerdoodles:"...Winco is better than Taco Hell, hmm?".

If you read carefully, I said going to Winco is better than driving to Taco Bell down on Broadway. I wasn't necessarily referring to taste as there's no accounting for people's different tastes.

Price, driving distance and waiting time is my main criteria (as long as the food is ok). All else being equal, I'll nearly always chose someplace away from Broadway and closer to home.

I am a long time Taco Bell fan, though. Like the food and I can fill my belly for $2.00 if I stick to just two plain bean burritos.

BML:"See you there Fred, as I am often there due to my work (sorry Quacks!)".

Yep. In fact, if you remember the time I ran into you there, that was the first time I went there for their prepared deli meals (other than fried or baked chicken).

I believe I told you I was going to try the burrito meal they had, except they don't have burritos. They have tamales. That's when I bought Chicken Alfredo.

I think it was a day or so after that I tried the Stuffed Salad for the first time. Been hooked since, if the weather is warm enough. Salad isn't cold weather food for me.

I finally got around to trying the tamale thing. I liked everything in it except the tamale.

At 11:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how much fat is in the Winco Deli chicken Alfredo and enchilada dishes? I can't find anything online about them.


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