Wednesday, June 03, 2009

How We Get Regulated

I found this commentary (June 3 post) from the Americans For Limited Government rather disturbing. They seem to be upset that some Senators shelved an amendment that would have had marijuana regulated by the Food and Drug Administration just as they're planning to do with tobacco.

I find this sort of thinking a bit disturbing if only because that's how we've gotten to the point where we are today where everything is regulated. The old, "...if it applies to one thing, it should apply to everything else..", line of thinking. Makes it sound like they don't have a problem with tobacco regulation, they just want marijuana regulated too. That is what they're saying, isn't it?

It would prefer to think that, if marijuana shouldn't be regulated by the FDA, than we shouldn't be having them regulate tobacco, either. With the ALG's approach, nobody wins but the regulators.

Wonder if they'll post the comment I made?


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