Sunday, September 20, 2009

Penn Pounding The Pavement

The last of the candidates for Harbor Commissioner (4th district), Susan Penn, was canvassing my neighborhood yesterday. I only spoke with her briefly. Her main talking point seemed to be that she's the one candidate that has attended all the Harbor Commission meetings. From the flier she handed out, hard to say just how she might differ from the other candidates on policy issues as many of their interests seem to be the same. I think we'll need to wait for the candidate forums to figure that one out.

One interesting thing about Penn in the neighborhood was the interaction with the guy across the street who manages the rooming house (I think). She approached him and I heard her say, "Oh, you're the plumber guy!". They seemed to be acquainted. They spoke briefly and, as they get ready to part company, the guy pulls up the John Ash for Harbor Commissioner yard sign that was already in his front yard and hauls it down the alley. I'm guessing that sign will be replaced with a Susan Penn sign soon enough.

It will be interesting to see if we see any of the vitriol against candidates in this race that we saw develop in Southern Humboldt during the last Board of Supes election. They had three fine candidates in that race but partisans from all sides got really nasty towards candidates they opposed. Totally unnecessary, I thought, and it looks similar to what we have in this 4th district Harbor Commissioner race- three fine candidates. Let's hope it stays nice as it's been so far.

Addendum: Both 3rd District candidates, Dan Hauser and Mike Wilson are featured in today's Times- Standard.


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