Thursday, March 15, 2012

Food Prices Climbing

Scary article from the San Bernadino Sun on rising food prices. I've certainly noticed it myself. One example is oatmeal. The 42oz containers I regularly buy used to cost around $1.80. Now they're something like $2.40 to $2.60, if memory serves me.

There's one guy in that article that predicts additional increases in prices up to 25%. Yikes!

California will likely be worse than the nation as a whole in a few years. When Prop 2- that cage free eggs initiative- takes full effect, egg prices should go up considerably. Since eggs are a fundamental part of many foods, other food prices will likely rise.

And don't look to imported eggs to save the day. Jared Huffman- the same sleazebag we have running for congress- sponsored a bill that was signed into law that shuts off the import of eggs into the state unless they're also grown cage free- something I don't think North Korea even does.

Things don't look good.


At 8:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Henchman Of Justice" says:

Hey Fred,

Good thing we no-bs bloggers (I consider you to be not a b-ser) discussed this stuff years ago, still an emotional shock no less, but awareness was exhibited in the many economic discussions that enough bloggers were in denial over.

Now, the twist......It is costs, not jobs, that prevents the don't not exist because of jobs - jobs don't exist because societal costs can't support job creation (The Fed mad money shams don't count - those are fake jobs at the expense of future debt owners)....

Another twist - jobs ain't crap when the salary or hourly wage don't increase as societal costs increase - merely having a job costs the job holder money before that job holder can execute his/her job criteria.......The economic game in America has never fooled this guy called "The Henchman". Too bad more people don't pay attention to those telling them the truth with facts. Pain and suffering is the miserable way to learn, but alas, so many wise Americans think they know better. Sophistication sinks stupid suckers.

FYI - Minimum Wage adjusted for the economic piracies of elected officials and corporate cohorts = $15.00 per hour or more.......!


At 9:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Food prices are catching up to the actual costs after you take away all those subsidies. That pesky gubmint is keeping your oatmeal cheap. Keep that backyard garden growing Fred. Maybe get a couple chickens.


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