Friday, September 14, 2012

Black Friday For The Sacramento Bee

Actually, I think they started yesterday, not today. They said they were going to do it a few months ago. They finally did: you now have to pay to read the Sacramento Bee online. A sad, sad day for me.

They're using the same Press+ system the Times- Standard uses except, unlike the T-S, I don't think they give you any free page views before you have to pay. At least I didn't get any.

To add insult to injury, it's not exactly cheap. $69.95 for a year, or $6.95 a month. I went ahead, bit the bullet and paid. I read the Bee a lot and I especially enjoy reading and making comments to the stories.

As an aside, the Bee sent out a news alert when that ambassador was killed in Libya the other day. I immediately posted a comment that, ironically, this might not have happened had Ghaddafi still been in power. He wouldn't have allowed it. Another commentator agreed.

Both of our comments disappeared within a few hours, although stronger ones have since been made. Hmmm???


At 6:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can still read Bee articles fine. Of course, I can also read Times-Standard articles fine.


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