Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Happy Ending For A Chained Dog

I was going through some of web sites I have listed here to make sure they were still up and running. If you don't keep up on that you end up with a bunch of dead web sites on your list.

One of the ones I checked was Unchain Your Dog. It's a site dedicated to ending the cruel practice of having dogs chained up all the time. While there I clicked on a link and was surprised to find a mention of of me.

I became a little bit involved with the Rescue of Cuddles via the Humboldt Freecycle site some years ago. Back then it was new and I was reading the posts regularly. A gal there posted a request for doggie toys, or anything else that might be of comfort to a neglected dog. She went on to explain the dog was chained to a trailer and there the dog sat. She rightfully felt sorry for the dog and wanted to help.

I sent her a link the the Unchain Your Dog site, got to chatting a bit and discussed some options. Eventually, she came up with a plan and I sent her a check for $25.00 to help. She ended up teaming up with local animal rights activist, Gail Holder, and they finally unchained the dog and took it to Miranda Rescue.

Cute story, done from Cuddles' perspective. I'm referred to as Uncle Fred, along with some other helpers. The page with the story is the same one she mailed to those that helped out back when this happened. I'd forgotten about it until I stumbled on to the link. 


At 9:18 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mashaw is a wonderful and compassionate woman, I have the privilege of meeting her. thank goodness for people who care.


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