Friday, November 15, 2013

Pot Taxes Favor the Black Market

Nick Gillespie has an article in The Daily Beast detailing how government might well keep the black market in marijuana going strong. He has a point and I've thought the same thing since even before Washington and Colorado legalized pot. After all, when taxes and regulations end up making legal pot much more expensive then the illegal stuff, which one will most people buy?


At 6:18 AM, Anonymous democraticJon said...

Ahh, lost my comment.

Short version.

Yes, you and Nick are right.

What's the solution? Should we reduce future taxes once legal to insure compliance?

Should that be how tax rates are set? What are people willing to pay voluntarily? -OR- should we set tax rates based on revenue needs based on the democratic republic process. ie right now the growers are not paying their share are they? This is a problem.

Do you and Nick agree on a solution? What would it be?


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