Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sacramento Bee Restarting Comments

Perhaps I wrote too soon that the Bee was considering not restarting their comments? Word from their Executive Editor today is that they'll be starting up again this week...slowly.

They'll begin by allowing comments from just a small group: "Half of our 1,000 most active, paid subscribers – chosen randomly and given a voucher to register – have been invited to check out and use our new system. All readers will be able to read the comments at every stage of this rollout."

They're obviously taking the comments pretty seriously. Maybe too seriously?

Wonder if I'll be invited? I have an active account but haven't received anything from them yet.

Those invited to comment will have to sign in through a social media site, but they're given six options, Google being one.

We'll see how this ends up working out. I still can't help but be a bit skeptical of their intent, if only because I never noticed that much of a problem with the comments to begin with. I am glad they're starting up again.

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