Monday, January 27, 2014

Balko Lives!

I was getting a bit miffed with my favorite blogger, Radley Balko. Since he switched over to the Huffington Post his posts became more and more intermittent. His old Agitator blog prior to his switch was the one blog I'd keep if I could only have one. He just wasn't doing it anymore at the Post. His postings became weeks or even months apart- an intolerable situation.

Lo and behold, I'm reading an article at Reason magazine yesterday and it mentioned that he was at the Washington Post now. Sure enough, a quick Google took me to his new blog. How did I miss that? It seems like he's back to cranking out his stuff again with sometimes multiple posts a day. Active blogs are becoming harder and harder to find nowadays. I didn't want to see the best one go by the wayside. I'm stoked!


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