Sunday, February 02, 2014

Average Household Water Use

I was worried when I read this Sacramento Bee commentary that I was wrong in my recollection of the average household's water use that I used the other day in a comment. I thought I'd read around 180 gallons a day. Actually, I wasn't too far off. Here's the figures given:

For Sacramento: "Per capita water use has fallen to 218 gallons a day, down from 279 gallons per person in the mid-1990s and early 2000s". But Sacramento’s use still is above the statewide urban average of 196 gallons per person per day. It’s significantly above Los Angeles’ 152-gallon, and San Diego’s 166-gallon per capita daily use."

Read more here:

Maybe the 180 gallons I remembered is the average for Eureka or the county? 

I'm wondering how much water we use on average in our house? I try and only take one shower a week to save water and we flush the toilet only when necessary. I'd like to think we're below average use for Eureka, except in summer when we're watering the garden. We don't water the lawn.

I'm not sure if the monthly bill gives enough info to determine that. There doesn't seem to be anything on the city water department's web site. I'll have to call city hall on Monday and ask.


At 8:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

people like you are just a drop in the bucket compared to people with huge lawns swimming pools orchards vineyards Exedra Exedra water conservation is kind of like global warming emissions you and I every time we exhale will be forced to pay a tax to the corporation's that dump the largest amount of co2 into the atmosphere and this is supposed to somehow stop global warming I mean cooling I mean climate change wait a minute the climate changes wow what a concept anyways if you go back in history even a hundred years you'll find that California was the wettest it's ever been on record this last hundred years and a wise man once told me that Antarctica amd Alaska at one point was free of ice and all the desert use to be oceans but for many this is just crazy talk because being knowledgeable is no longer trendy...


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