Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Bureaucracy Attacking Businesses

Reason magazine highlights the heartbreaking story of a small bus company in the southeast shut down by a federal agency for what appear to be frivolous rulings.

A couple points worth nothing: Apparently the larger companies aren't bothered much by the Federal Motor Carrier Services Administration. Probably because they have the assets to fight back, or perhaps the FMCSA thinks they're too tough to mess with?

Also interesting that another smaller carrier found it works best to have an adversarial relationship with FMCA rather than just trying to cooperate: 

"The company would likely be operating today if the Rodgers had hired a more experienced lawyer and taken a more adversarial approach. Georgia-based Transouth Motorcoach, which was shut down by the FMCSA in July, got its operating authority back by wisely avoiding the FMCSA’s appeals process and going directly to the courts."

Businesses might be advised to take heed, but that assumes they can afford the courts. I can't help but wonder, with California seemingly being proud of "regulating" businesses, if the situation isn't even worse here?


At 6:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

crony capitalism at its finest just wait until marijuana get legalized people think they're going to make a fortune around least they didn't get SWAT team like the Amish family selling raw milk did


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