Wednesday, April 09, 2014

False Flags, continued

An investigative journalist has made a case that alleged chemical attacks made by the Syrian government were actually made by rebels with the help of Turkish intelligence. I wrote some time ago that it was highly unlikely Assad ordered the use of chemical weapons. I still believe that.

I'm not trying to argue the source of the chemical attacks again but to point out that there's been no mention of any of these newer revelations in the mainstream media. They've reported the White House version of Syrian affairs from the beginning, just as they're doing now in regards Crimea and Ukraine.

My point is to remind everyone that we're likely not being given the whole story. Also to question assertions the Secretary of State made yesterday that Russia is trying to fabricate reasons to attack Ukraine (as if we haven't done the same). Even if Russia is trying to fabricate reasons for going into the Ukraine, who are we to point fingers?


At 9:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apparently the government run by your socialist (p)resident is still not good enough for you. Assad and Putin and nice guys, huh? Assad is a petty dictator and Putin is trying to build a new Russian empire (as he has admitted publicly). Guess you can't trust anyone, right? Time to pack it in and move offshore. I suggest Iceland. You and the volcanoes. Have fun!


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