Thursday, May 22, 2014

Voting Stuff

I didn't read much of this North Coast Journal article, the purpose of which seems to be getting people to think their vote is important. I was interested in a small part towards the end. Most specifically, the reasons mail ballots might not being counted:

What disqualifies a ballot:
• Two ballots in one envelope (neither will be counted)
• Signature is different than the one on record
• Voter forgot to sign the ballot
• Envelope is empty
• No residence address
• Ballot is too late

As I read the list I couldn't help but wonder if I remembered to sign, date and fill in my street address on the envelope. OH, NO!!! Nah, I remember doing that.

I was unaware you can supposedly check and make sure your mail ballot was counted:

 "You can find out if your vote was disqualified before it is too late by going on the elections department website and plugging in your name and driver's license or ID card number. "It'll tell you if your vote-by-mail ballot has been challenged," said Crnich. You can do that as early as 28 days prior to Election Day, giving you plenty of time to cast another if there was a problem."

I didn't know that. I just sent in my mail ballot a few days ago. Probably too early to tell if my ballot was contested but I thought I'd go through the motions. I went to the county Elections Division web site to find the link to submit my info. I couldn't find it. it just me?

I should probably go in and make sure my signature is still acceptable. I'm not sure how long it's been since I renewed it. Years ago I went in to Elections for one reason or another. I remembered to ask the gal working there if my current signature matched the one they had on record. She compared them and said there was too much of a difference and they wouldn't accept my current signature compared to what they had on file. 

Something to keep in mind. I know my signature changed completely over the last four decades or so. Probably the same with most people.
How did I vote? No surprises. Voted Bass, Fleming and Downey. Left the other county races blank. Skipped the Governor's race and some of the others. I did vote for Jonathan Jaech, the Libertarian Party candidate for Attorney General.

Anybody but Huffman in the congressional race had me voting for the Republican, Mensing. Anybody but McGuire for state senator had me voting for Wiesner. Probably the first time ever that I've voted for him.

Oh, and a resounding NO on Prop 41, that veteran's housing bond. Skipped Prop 42, the open meetings thing.


At 9:28 AM, Anonymous Matthew Owen said...

Fred -

Any voter can verify their ballot has been received by the Humboldt County Elections Office by going online at:

Click on the "Vote By Mail" link on the left side

and then the "Vote By Mail (Absentee) Status"

Put in your DOB and last four digits of your social security number and you can verify that your ballot has been received and is valid (see below).

You have 1 Ballot Issued.
Ballot 1

Ballot Return Date: 05/09/2014
Ballot Return Status: The returned ballot is good.
Thank You.

At 9:33 AM, Blogger Fred Mangels said...

Thanks, Matt. I found it. Mine says the same thing except that it was returned yesterday, the 21st.

At 6:11 PM, Anonymous liberal jon said...

Matthew Owen! You never comment. You are like the most impressive non-partisan, fair, above-it-all, people out there. Hey. I can't believe it. Could you talk to the Bass Campaign about answering some of the questions on Lost Coast Outpost? Especially about Climate Change and land use. Supervisor Bass has professed great concern about climate change, but I'm not sure what she as a local leader proposes we do about it.

What do you think about Judy Hodgson's opinion piece in the Journal today. Why aren't you writing in the LoCO? Did LoCO ask you to quit or are you trying to do what you consider the honorable thing and to stop dialog just when dialog is the most important thing of all - during an election.

So many questions. Thank you for deigning to join us down here in the comment zone Mr Owen. It's certainly a rare treat!


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