Sunday, May 11, 2014

Getting Ugly in Cotati Over Tax Increase?

Things seem to be getting ugly in the Sonoma County town of Cotati over a ballot measure to extend, and double, a half cent sales tax increase passed in 2010. Supporters of the tax extension claim it was loss of redevelopment funds, among other things, that fueled the need for the tax extension and increase. 

The Santa Rosa Press- Democrat reports a local gadfly was circulating fliers with alleged false quotations from supporters of the tax. Some of those quoted are considering legal action against the former city councilman who printed them. The guy in question, George Barich, has his own local blog.

Looks like local Cotati politics are a bit nastier than those up here if you read the comments to the story. Small town like that, makes me wonder if some of those folks engage in fistfights when they run into each other around town?
This is exactly the sort of thing that concerns me about Eureka's Measure O extension. A temporary tax increase is passed. It doesn't take long before that's not enough and they feel the need to not only extend, but double it. Hard for me to believe the same thing won't happen here.


At 3:22 PM, Anonymous Greg Karraker said...


No fistfights in the weedy little town of Cotati, but a hardcore leftist woman who seems to be about five feet tall and 98 pounds allegedly attempted to spit in George Barich's face at a recent meeting.

Nice blog, by the way,

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