Tuesday, May 06, 2014

2nd State Senate District Forum

I stumbled  upon the League of Women Voters' forum for candidates of the 2nd State Senate district on KEET last night. I wasn't really interested in watching it at the time. To my surprise, the wife seemed interested, so we watched.

Front runner by all accounts, Mike McGuire, was clearly the most comfortable with the camera. He rattled off a number of boilerplate issues he felt most voters would agree with such as removing the Klamath Dams and opposing the Governor's plan for twin tunnels to facilitate water delivery to Southern California. Twice he brought up various endorsements he'd received.

I wasn't impressed, although I appreciate people who speak well in public. The wife pointed out he sounded like a real estate salesman. Never mind I disagree with him on most issues I'm aware of. He doesn't go to the bottom of my list for that race. He was already there.

The other three candidates were present: Lawrence Wiesner, the perennial Republican candidate. Harry Lehmann, the No Party Preference guy and the other Democrat, Derek Knell.

None seemed as comfortable with the camera as McGuire did. I found at least one or two positions both Lehmann and Knell brought up I disagreed with. Sorry I didn't take notes because I can't recall what was said and who said it. 

I might have disagreed with a few of Wiesner's positions, too, but he gave the most generic responses that didn't allow much specific disagreement. I believe he was the only one that brought up improving California's business climate, though. That is good, but probably not realistic considering the people that live in this state.

Lehmann pointed out at least once he was independent and not beholden to any political party. Knell actually brought up towards the end that, while he was a Democrat, that was because he'd always been one but he was his own man and also independent. Interesting to see them playing the "I'm not one of them!" game.

After an hour, all I can say is anyone but Mike McGuire. He's the statist, business as usual candidate. As far as the other three, it's between Lehmann and Wiesner for me. Not sure who I'll pick come June. Maybe I'll just toss a coin, although I would like to see an NPP candidate in the runoff.


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