Friday, July 18, 2014

Humboldt Water Headed South?

There's been talk up here for years of taking advantage of one resource we have a relatively large amount of: water. Sure, not so much right now with the drought, but still more than much of the rest of the state. Why not sell some to places that need it? 

According to the Mad River Union, the powers- that- be are taking a serious look at the idea:

"To save local control of Mad River water, the district is investigating three options: Increased use for environmental benefit, locating more large customers and piping the water to thirsty areas elsewhere."

Hey, use it or lose it, right? The thing is, if we don't have our own plan to make use of the water, the state might make a plan for us. Then we won't have any say in it, just as we see with the Eel River diversions to the south.

One problem I see with this is, once we agree to sell water and build the infrastructure, that will essentially be a contract and we'll be committed to providing the water regardless of changing conditions. The south could then suck Humboldt rivers drier than they already do.


At 7:27 PM, Anonymous liberal jon said...

I think it's a matter of time. Chris Lehman said during his short candidacy that he'd be straight with us, this was going to be a hard battle to win. We'll see, I think our water's best defense will be in the law, because the political pressure to take it south will likely be insurmountable for a county of $135 K.

We'll see. Good on you for keeping your eye and interest on this.


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