Monday, December 08, 2014

The Broadway Motel

I went to City Garbage yesterday. As I was on Broadway getting ready to turn on West Hawthorn I noticed the sign at the Broadway Motel. It's almost directly across the street from West Hawthorn. The side of the sign facing north seemed to read as $99.99 a night. Did I misread it?

I'd been under the impression that place was one that had been turned into housing for homeless. For some time people I'd see hanging out there, along with their possessions, certainly gave the impression it wasn't a regular motel.

As I left City Garbage and headed south on Broadway I made a point to look at the sign in my rear view mirror. This time I think it said $49.99 a night. Maybe I was wrong the first time? $49.99 seems a little more reasonable, but I was still surprised they had rooms to rent. 

I did a quick search when I got home. They don't have a regular web page, but they do have a Facebook page. I can't figure why 6 people Liked the page after I looked at their other reviews. Heck, even the one review on Facebook gives them one star.

They have 3 Yelp reviews, all one star with horrific narratives. The beginning of the first review kinda sums them up: "Just keep driving.  If there are no other rooms available, sleep in your car.  Or on the sidewalk.". I guess the Broadway must have deteriorated into one of our bad motels. 

Shame, as I stayed there for one night back around 1975. I didn't have to as I lived just a couple blocks away on West Del Norte Street. I just wanted a nice, warm place to watch cable TV for a treat- the place I was living at the time being a bit of a dump. I went down, rented a room, watched TV, went to bed, woke up next morning and went home. Seemed nice enough to me back then.


At 9:29 AM, Blogger Fred Mangels said...

Kinda funny. A couple hours after I made this post I get an e-mail from TripAdvisor asking if I'm still interested in staying at the Broadway Motel. They find out you've been doing searches for it, then use it for advertising. They don't know why I was searching for it, though.


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