Friday, April 03, 2015

My Idea: A Humboldt Bay Triathlon

The Lost Coast Outpost reports a marathon being planned for the area this August. It will start and end in Old Town, Eureka. Neat idea. I like it a lot better than that Kinetic Sculpture Race. But the Kinetic Sculpture Race was were I believe I came up with the idea of a Humboldt Bay triathlon. I'll give it credit for that.

My idea was similar to this marathon, but would involve running and biking with a swim across the bay at some point. The bay swim would be problematic as you'd have to deal with the tides. At first I was thinking of the swim event taking place from the north jetty to the south, or vice versa. Then I got to thinking the tides might get real strong during the wrong time of year, especially if you were unlucky enough to get to the jetty too early or late for optimum tide.

So, how about from east to west across the bay somewhere along the shore, to either the south or north jetty? Seemed to me it would make for an interesting event. I'm too old to do it. Would any of you younger folk be interested in such a thing?


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