Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Still Stirring The RFRA Pot

I'll blame this on the Rational Review News Digest (free in your inbox five days a week) since they keep sending out links on the issue. 

U.S.A Today has a story on RFRAs. The first surprise for me was finding out the federal Religious Freedom Restoration Act was authored by liberal, nanny stater Chuck Schumer. Who'da thunk? I'll give credit where credit is due but it makes me wonder if there isn't something wrong with that federal RFRA after all?

U.S.A. Today then goes on to give some real world examples where the RFRA was used to protect individuals- at least one of which doesn't seem very religious oriented to me. The kid in #4 who won the right not to cut his hair for school, although I suppose there could be some religious aspect to that, and the parents claimed as much.

I don't know if that's the whole list of real world applications of the law, but there aren't any listed that that defended discrimination.
As an aside, the dress code in that #4 case brings back memories to me: "[b]oys' hair shall not cover any part of the ear or touch the top of the standard collar in back.". That's exactly the hair requirements we had when I went to high school, at least in our district. 

I hated that but had to put up with it until I weaseled my way into continuation school where they didn't have a dress code. Do they have hair restrictions in any of the local schools nowadays? I'm under the impression they don't anymore.


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