Thursday, March 26, 2015

A GMO Labeling Plan I Can Agree With

Yahoo News reports House Republicans have introduced a GMO labeling proposal, although it doesn't label GMOs. It creates a new food certification similar to the USDA "organic" for foods that don't contain GMOs. It will be voluntary and supposedly only used by food companies that choose to use the label.

Who'da thunk my idea of years ago would be proposed in congress? I've wrote here and elsewhere umpteen times it makes little sense to label normal foods as being different- most foods contain GMO- 80% or more by anti- GMO folks' own admission. That makes them normal as I see it. 

It makes more sense to label those that aren't normal. Non- GMO food producers could use that as a selling point, it would seem to me, just as they do with organic food labeling.

What I don't understand is why this new law is needed in the first place? Can't non- GMO food producers already label their products as non- GMO? In fact, I've seen at least one can of beans at Winco that was labeled as having no GMOs. Anyone know?


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