Saturday, March 21, 2015

AT&T U-verse Internet (and TV)

I'm trying to figure out what AT&T's new offer is. I got an e-mail from them and, just the other day, a letter in the mail about this. Anybody else?

Both of them said they'd just upgraded internet service in my neighborhood with their "advance digital network" and that I am eligible for "this new technology". They go on to say I can sign up for it and get $10 off my "new internet service" for 12 months when I upgrade to AT&T U-Verse high speed internet with no equipment fees for that period.

WTF are they exactly talking about? How is this U-Verse different than what I'm already using, and how much does it cost? They never say that in any of the stuff they've sent me. I think I saw something saying it was $39.00 a month in the e-mail, but I'm already paying that much each month for DSL, plus they're raising the monthly rate $3.00 next month.

I can't make heads or tails of it checking their web page, but it does look as if this has something to do with AT&T getting into the streaming TV. In fact, I just noticed a link on the top of my Yahoo Mail page for U-Verse and most of what it shows on the first page is stuff for some streaming TV program they're selling.

If it's the same cost as my current internet, why do I have to switch? Or, is the $39.99 they mentioned after the $10.00 is taken off each month? If their streaming TV is cheap enough, I might consider it, but I'm getting the impression it might be less expensive to just stay with what I have and mix and match things together. Has anyone else looked into this further?


At 1:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

much better than suddenstink. Internet is way faster and look how much suddenstink has gone up. I have the cheapest cable and internet and it cost 104 bucs a months. Wish i had option for u-verse. A few of my friends do and it is hands down a better service

At 2:33 PM, Blogger Fred Mangels said...

We pay about the same for Suddenlink and AT&T internet- $65+$39- but we should get a pretty big drop with Suddenlink as soon as their teaser deal kicks in. That's only good for a year, though.

It hasn't been explained to me how this new AT&T U-Verse internet is any better than my regular old AT&T DSL. I'm also pretty suspicious that it will cost considerably more after their teaser deal is over, especially since they're not willing to tell you the costs up front.

Yep, Suddenlink keeps going up. My estimate is about a dollar a year, but Dish Network seems to be going up $2.50 a year. Dish always will have the advantage, though, as Suddenlink plays middleman. Dish doesn't. There's no way SL can get away from that.

I kinda feel sorry for Suddenlink as there's no way they can gain any sort of advantage. I see now their emphasis with TV advertising seems to be cable phone service for about $10.00 a month- still just a bit more than AT&T. There's no way they can win, short of people not comparing prices before choosing SL.

At 3:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The ATT U-verse is a fiber optic service where the old ATT DSL was copper wire digital.

Suddenlink's problem is that they cap you monthly usage so if you stream Hulu or Netflix, you'll end up suffering eventually.

At 9:47 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

For some strange reason i cannot resist on being fascinated with what is going to happen next with your constant television dilemma.

I will note that at&t is anticipating that in April of this year they will be finalizing their purchase of directv.

This will probably mean that a company constantly recognized as being number one in customer service and one of the happier places to work will suffer under at&t's poor leadership.


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