Thursday, March 19, 2015

Open Humboldt: Measure Z Priorities

The current subject for the County of Humboldt's Open Forum discussion is how Measure Z funds should be allocated. Measure Z, you'll recall, was the county wide sales tax increase passed last election. Comments made in this forum are supposedly read by the supervisors and others in county government.

I find their new(?) format a bit confusing. It has an overview of the issue, then a button below that you click on to see comments made (57 comments last I looked). I would have expected to be take to a page of just comments but was taken to a page with the same overview. Then I noticed at the bottom of the overview it asks "Do you have any additional feedback". Beneath that question is a comment.

Apparently each comment made has an overview of Measure Z above it, so you need to click to see each comment individually using the numbered list at the bottom of the page. Makes it a bit cumbersome to use, imo.


At 10:33 AM, Anonymous A Guy said...

Maybe one of their first priorities should be to hire some IT people that can build a proper priority list page....


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