Saturday, March 21, 2015

Not Quite True: One Year of Water Left

Seemed believable to me, but I still thought they might be hyping it. Recent headlines suggesting California may only have a year's worth of water left were a bit of an exaggeration, says the fellow they based that story on. The Los Angeles Times reports:

  "...Famiglietti said he never claimed that California has only a year of total water supply left.
He explained that the state's reservoirs have only about a one-year supply of water remaining. Reservoirs provide only a portion of the water used in California and are designed to store only a few years' supply. But the online headline generated great interest. Famiglietti said it gave some the false impression that California is at risk of exhausting its water supplies."

Which isn't to say the state isn't still in a dire situation, but here in Humboldt we're still better off than the rest of the state. You'll recall that last year the water folks said Ruth Lake had enough to last another two years, and that was with less water than we have now.

We got a bit over a quarter inch of rain last night, with more expected Sunday. Let's hope for the best, but they need the water inland more than we need it here. And snow, of course, but that doesn't seem likely to happen.


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