Saturday, June 13, 2015

Letter: No On "Sonoma Clean Power"

Another letter to the Times- Standard today tells us to think twice about Humboldt getting into the Community Choice Aggregate option for power. I believe this is Sonoma Clean Power model I brought up here not long ago. It seems at least somewhat shaky to me at first glance, but I can't be sure.

The writer seems to think that buying "renewable power" is a positive thing and you can get more of it through her preferred plan. I question whether so much renewable power is a good thing as our bills have gone up considerably since we've started(?) following the 33% renewable energy mandate as per AB 32.

I just got my PG&E bill this morning. Forty two dollars and change. Three years ago it would have been around $25.00 this time of year. I want the least expensive power available, not the more expensive feel- good alternative.

Whether the proposed CCA would give us the option for more or less renewable power is unclear to me. The writer seems to think it won't. Since she represents the Sierra Club, I'm assuming she knows at least a little more about this than I do. At the same time I'd assume she has a green agenda behind her reasoning. 

I'm not sure we really want green power when we realize its expense. I do know most of us want the least expensive power available. Whether the current proposal, or hers, would give us that, who knows, but I'm skeptical of each.  

Our current energy bills seem to be headed towards a 50% increase, probably in large part of green power mandates. Do we want more of that?


At 10:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are procedures for opting out on the Sonoma Clean Power web site (here). Filling out mine as I write . . .

At 10:04 AM, Blogger Eric Anderson said...

Sadly for me I didn't realize all those glossy brochures was Sonmoma Clean Power telling me how wonderful its going to be when I autocratically become their customer. I found out by noticing a $1000 charge to my checking account. This because PG$ had to true me up on my Solar generation. Now Im screwed because I hadn't planned on spending that just yet. I opted out, but damn California is a brute.


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