Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Tablet: This Should Be It

I was checking the Roboform web site again this morning. Since I started messing around with this new tablet- what's it been, a week or two?- I see they've made Roboform compatible with a couple of new browsers, but still not Chrome, which is already on the tablet. 

I use Firefox on this computer, and kinda would prefer it on the tablet, but why install yet another browser if I can figure some workarounds using the installed ones? Then, two or three days ago in frustration, I tried installing Firefox. Something went wrong and it didn't work. I went back to trying to figure out workarounds.

Yesterday, I noticed there's a link you select on Roboform for the Firefox plugin. Hopefully, it's referring to the Android version and not the desktop. I decided this morning I will install Firefox. This time I'll go through the Mozilla web site instead of Google Play. If all works out and the Roboform plugin works, that should be it. Then I'll get my bum nephew to uninstall anything I've added that I don't need.

I also went to Staples this morning and bought a stylus pen and nylon case for the tablet. About $30.00 all told. Probably should have waited and gotten the stylus from Antich Automotive where we're told they have them as promotional items. But, looking at my receipt, the stylus I bought only cost $2.00. I could have sworn the tag on the shelf said something like $14.99.


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