Thursday, August 13, 2015

Eureka P.D. Call Advisory

 From the Nextdoor Neighborhood e-mail list. It came out a while back and I never got around to posting it, although many have probably already seen it on Nextdoor or the Eureka P.D. blog. Just an advisory on certain types of calls you probably won't get a response for. Starts off with a narrative from Gene Bass of the Eureka High Neighborhood:

Below is a list of calls that EPD will not respond to. In some cases they will broadcast the information to all units in the field but that doesn't mean any specific unit has been assigned. I requested the information and asked for permission to publicly post it. Nothing here is a secret but the more people know, the better. My advice is people that continually call for loud fireworks go talk with neighbors and perhaps send them a letter in the mail. I hear calls all the time and given the fact EPD isn't coming, its best handled another way. Please be respectful if you are going to comment. Our police department is doing the best they can with what they have and our support is more important now then it has ever been. Stay safe and do your part! Also, if you are one of the unfortunate folks to come across hypodermic needles on a regular basis, invest in a good sharps container. Broadway Medical or even Coloney's Pharmacy have them fairly cheap.

Here is the list -

Hypodermic needles - will no longer be picked up. Callers will be advised to place them in a secured container, such as a thick plastic bottle with a secured lid. Businesses can also contact the Public Health Department to obtain sharps containers. A sharps container is kept at the front office of EPD if they are brought in.

Disabled Vehicles - EPD will only respond if it is causing a traffic hazard
Garbage Dumping reports- Callers will be referred to call the Public Works department. EPD will take a report if a suspect can be identified (surveillance of person or vehicle dumping the trash). Mail or items in the trash with names on it is not enough evidence to prove who dumped the trash.

Found Property - EPD will no longer pick up. Property can be brought in to EPD.

Counterfeit Currency - Businesses can turn them into their bank. If a suspect is currently on scene attempting to pass the bill, EPD will respond.

Non- Injury Traffic Collisions - EPD will not respond. Drivers will be advised to exchange driver’s license, insurance, and registration. Officers will respond if there is a disturbance, if vehicles are disabled in the road, or if one of the parties is unlicensed or uninsured.

Dog barking complaints - If there is no animal control on duty, EPD will only respond to barking dog complaints if the reporting party is willing to press charges. Animal control works Monday-Friday 0800-1700.

Party/Noise Complaints - If there is no other violation (underage drinking, etc.) and the caller does not wish to press charges, dispatch will do an all units broadcast for the location.
Disturbance Subjects (415 subjects)- For general disturbances without a specific victim (such as a subject yelling at passing vehicles or talking to themselves), an all units broadcast will go out to officers.


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