Friday, May 27, 2016

Liberty Unbound Covers LP Convention

I realize most readers won't be interested in the goings on at the Libertarian Party's nominating convention being held this weekend in Orlando, Florida, although one or two have expressed interest in LP canidates previously. For those that might be interested, Liberty Unbound, the magazine version of the now defunct Liberty magazine, is covering the convention from the floor.

I've found these reports quite interesting in the past, especially since I was more involved back then. There were some quite enlightening expose's published, at least a couple of which shed light on some of the skullduggery that went on with the late Harry Browne's presidential campaign. Those exposures being responsible for the LP pulling Liberty magazine's press credentials for the convention.

We'll see how good this writer's observations are. He already seems to have gotten one wrong. He wrote that most delegates seem to be backing Austin Petersen rather than Governor Gary Johnson, yet a recent Facebook post claims Johnson and former Governor Weld won the first straw poll. But, it is still early. We'll see how well he does.


At 9:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

C-span will also be covering the convention. Saturday night and Sunday morning.
The pre convention has been fun to watch. Gary was rightfully loudly boo'd by the delegates a time or two. The worst time, so far, was when he proclaimed republican neocon Weld (Gary's long time buddy & pick for VP) THE original libertarian. He shot himself in the foot many times throughout the pre-debate debate.
Austin won the crowd with his passionate 9th amendment comment & a list of other great comments. While it's true that he needs to relax in front of the tv, which will come in time, his Liberty message never falters.
McAfee surprised many delegates, too. Perry was strong and articulate, passionate. Marc Feldmen was humorous and sincere. They all did well.
I highly recommend watching the Jason Stapleton show about Weld.
Larry Sharpe & or Alicia Dearn either one would be a great choice for VP.

At 10:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

On the page you posted, are 3 videos of the pre-debate. FF the 3rd video to the 7:40 mark. (This is the round where all the candidates get to question any candidate they choose to question). Watch McAfee do the say what?! As the crowd boo's. Priceless.

At 10:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My intent isn't to bash other people's choices, I wish only to expose what needs exposing so that the truths can surface freely. Informed decisions beat sound bites.


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