Friday, June 17, 2016

Bay Area Lodging Hiding?

Just got back from the Bay Area again. This trip started off a bit awkward as we weren't sure we could find a place to stay.

I'd called our normal place, The Villa Inn in San Rafael, asking if they had a room available on Tuesday night. The girl on the other end of the phone who I don't recall speaking with before, seemed unsure of herself  and said they were filled up. First time that's ever happened.

Not to worry, said I, as I'd been eying another place I'd noticed just north of the Golden Gate bridge. I looked up rhe Acqua Hotel real quick and was disappointed to find they couldn't give me room rates for the dates I entered. I figured they must be filled up, too. I wasn't too concerned at that point since, by reviews and appearance, the Acqua seemed as if it might be fairly expensive. What got me, though, was they had no phone number listed on their web site so I couldn't even call and ask if they had a room available.

I called back the Villa Inn and the girl again said they were full. Hmmm...what to do??? I ended up going to booking dot com and checked for room availability there. Easy enough and I made reservations there easily, although I didn't feel all that comfortable about them as I wasn't confident the staff there would pay attention to online reservations.

Aside from that, I've found it's usually cheaper to pay for rooms face to face rather than online.

But what about the Acqua? Why would they not have a phone number listed to call/? Best I can figure is it's  deal with whoever does their web site; Let us handle all the reservations and we'll cut you slack on web site costs.

Regardless, we left town just hoping the reservations for Villa Inn were good but wondering what we'd do if we got there only to be told they were full and didn't have any reservations for us.

I eventually found a phone number for the Acqua by doing a search for phone directories,  mill valley. That got me an 800 number I called bu no one answered. What gives?

I was tempted to stop by there as we passed them on the freeway to ask them what was up with no phone number, but I didn't. We drove straight to the Villa Inn and the guy didn't question my reservations. Problem solved, and he charged us less than we'd paid last time by doing it by phone.

Still haven't contacted the Acqua on the phone. Maybe I'll try again today? You'd think they'd want people calling them.


At 12:30 PM, Blogger Donna Lynne said...

Have had similar results by computer reservations for Berkley and arriving after a long day of traffic jams too. Finding out what I thought was a done deal reservation and to be told the Inn was full. Then stayed firm about my reservation # which I had the sheet of paper printed out with me from my home computer. Then all the matter was cleared up magically and they gave me an Extra room they held for people like me. It was a haunted room at 3am though. A female ghost comes and whispers in your ear and sits on the foot of the bed for a bit and leaves under the gap at the door. I think they want drop in customers and well before 5pm which is impossible due to traffic and getting lost a few times. I have done my research and found rooms just by walking around for next stay overs. Really just staying even tempered and happy calm works best. Being polite with the owners has been better than watching my boyfriend have a tantrum with the desk clerks. Better luck. I used Expedia from home to get the reservation and was told by several Inn owners that it is always best to call ahead before expecting they will have your room. An 800 # is not going to promise you anything in California.

At 12:48 PM, Blogger Donna Lynne said...

Had similar results of needing to lodge. Had reservations by home computer in hand though and arrived by 6pm or sooner to the counter only to be told sorry the Inn is full. I'm talking about a place in Berkley that I had wanted to try out not in SF bay. I showed my copy of the printed receipt of payment for reservation and got my supposed room. An older gentleman behind me that arrived as a walk in was also told sorry "No Vacancy". At least they did offer a local phone number not an 800 listing but often in CA all you can find is an 800 general number. I showed the patron elder a street to drive to and told him about a quaint safe place to also consider staying at. Just have to know what not having a room for the night really feels like when you are too tired to travel on. The desk clerks there did not do so for this man. You would think they cared more about others they are turning away. It's always good to walk around and ask about rates before returning to those Bay areas. I collected business cards too so I could try again later when I really would need to stay over. Not like the 1970's anymore. Getting a room requires advance efforts.


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