Friday, June 03, 2016

City of Eureka Announcements

I just received the City of Eureka's monthly newsletter in my inbox. Among other things it included city manager Greg Sparks' update on efforts to deal with the homeless. He does admit, as I alluded to earlier on, that cleaning up the Devil's Playground has created concentrations of homeless elsewhere. See? Told ya so.

There's also an recruiting advertisement of sorts for those who might be interested in working in vehicle abatement- that's tagging apparent abandoned cars for removal. Unpaid, but it only takes a few hours a day and they say they can work around your schedule. I'd be tempted to do that one. I've already turned in 3 cars that were abandoned.

The calendar also shows the Famer's Markets started up again yesterday. I must have missed it as I didn't see them in Henderson Center when I drove through.

Not sure I mentioned it here before, but I'm not a fan of the Farmer's Markets if for no other reason than they screw up the parking and traffic in Henderson Center.

Aside from that, although it shouldn't be any of my business, I don't see how those folks find it worth it to come to Eureka to sell produce. Some of them drive from as far away as Orleans, only to sell a carton of tomatoes? Why bother? Seem to me it would make more sense to open a roadside produce stand up there and have Eurekans drive to you.


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