Monday, May 30, 2016

Shark Fears

The Sacramento Bee's report on a shark attack at a southern California beach got my attention if for no other reason than I used to spend quite a bit of time at Corona Del Mar State Beach where it happened. I was in the water quite a bit back then, I don't know that I'd do the same now. Hard to believe Corona Del Mar would be the place for sharks. It's a kind of an enclosed beach and not very wide with the the south jetty to the Balboa channel on the north, then the beach curving out to the west on the south side, if memory serves me correct.

I guess I've gotten paranoid as I've gotten older. I used to spend hours in the water back when I lived in Orange County, my legs dangling beneath me being the perfect shark bait, but I never saw one and I don't believe I ever heard of a shark attack when I lived down there. I wonder now if I'd have gone out in the water had I heard of one. I probably wouldn't have as I remember foregoing a swim one spring when I could see the water was full of jellyfish. I guess I wasn't stupid.

I had fun at the beach back in those days, but I wouldn't do it now. Too many sharks out there.


At 9:59 PM, Blogger Sally Sheffield said...

Oy vey, so many dangerous critters! Last yeari was stung by a scorpion at my house. My finger hurt for2 days. There are shark repellents. My sister is a member of Surfrider, I'll ask her what she thinks. She loves going in the ocean where she lives-Encinitas.


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