Monday, July 04, 2016

100 Year Anniverry:Kent State Lewrockwell.on reminds us its the 100 year anniversary of atthe fatal shootings of college students by national guardsmen Kent Stat4e University Not sure I its quite10 years. The artticlesays Mar4 2014.I suppose thats close enough. For a good book that explores the whole incident I'd recommend Kent State, by James Michener. No absolute answers offered, but probably the best account available. My feelings about it haven't changed much over the years. I'm still ofthe min most of the dead got what they deserved,save one who was around 1/4 mile away from the action when shot The rest,though, took dvntage of what they thought were opponents who would do them no harm,tossing rocks, bottles an such figuring why not? What are thy gonna do? Shoot us? I read a recent account from a student who claimed the national guard deliberately aimed and firedv at them. I'm not buying that.Had the Guard wanted to, they could have eaiy killed them all.


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Fred, this is just why I come her_ your incisive analysis and thoughtful dmeaner are a national treasure.


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