Monday, August 15, 2016

Debra Saunders Supports Legal Pot

I was surprised to see San Francisco Chronicle columnist, Debra Saunders, put out a nice argument in support of the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. Not surprised that she made a good argument. It just seemed to me she usually takes a knee jerk conservative point of view. Not so this time. Total common sense.


At 12:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good read! She must be a fan of Darrell Castle who wants it decriminalized yesterday. He called the war on drugs immoral in one interview. The only thing more immoral than the drug wars is federal regulating & taxing. I agree.
See Fred, not all conservatives are control freaks. Those who are can usually be found in the GOP. You'll never find Castle involved with the GOP. Can't say the same for johnson & Weld. (Haha, I just had to take a dig didn't I. But, hey, like they say, if the shoe fits...

At 6:19 PM, Blogger Fred Mangels said...

"not all conservatives are control freaks."

I didn't intend to suggest they were. I tend to place that label on liberals. I just noticed Saunders seemed to take non- sensical stands on some issues- I assumed because she felt she had to take the conservative line. Don't ask me for examples. I'd be hard pressed to remember any.

At 9:39 AM, Blogger Sally Sheffield said...

She does mention some negatives relating to the use of non-medical marijuana. Also, is it true that is usually the first drug used, and leads to more dangerous drugs?

At 7:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I stand corrected. I am in constant defense mode these days, thanks to the unfounded accusations by the indoctrinated. It carries over, my apologies.

Sally, the short answer is yes & no. The gateways are the political campaigns against pot, vaping, the scare tactics. After first hand experience proves to the curious that the warnings were all propaganda, some of the curious then decide to challenge the rest of the propaganda. The sad part is, clean, unadulturated, safe treatment of the other drugs like heroin, reduce the chances of OD's. The drug war is immoral in many ways. When the people are forced to support big pharma & politicians, with worse side effects, it's time to change.
The underground black market supplies the same meds, for less money, less chemicals added, but are not easily inspected for purity, thanks to the unconstitutional laws that forbid that. Both underground & big pharma are addictive & damgerous. Learning why people turn to the black market, is the first step towards a saner society. Pain relief, depression, energy, ... it's not just an escape from clear thinking & bad memories, the drugs actually work effectively in treating their issues. The war on drugs creates new issues.
That's the catch. Doctors take patients off drugs before the pain is completely gone, in hopes of preventing addiction. The pain intensifies & spreads, the patient seeks relief from the underground. The govts seize their assets, when caught. Nice little game they have there.


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