Monday, August 15, 2016

My New Cell Phone

I probably mentioned before my so- called smartphone pooped out on me a month or so ago, and that's after only using it a month or two. All of the sudden it started giving No Service messages no matter where I was, even at home.

I started using my old LG flip phone, which is actually very reliable and, for some reason, I even got a cell phone signal in places the smart phone wouldn't work- the wilderness between Willits and Scotia, for instance.

But the wife wouldn't go for that. Once I indicate any interest in getting something new, she won't let it drop. It's like her main priority is buying whatever I might want.

So yesterday she had a Target ad with a couple inexpensive cell phones. I didn't seem too interested in them but went to the Tracfone site to see what they had. I settled on this Alcatel One Touch Pixie Glitz for $20.00. I had misgivings
since it was the same brand name as my now pooped out smartphone and, at $20.00, you can't help but wonder if you get what you pay for. Free shipping, though.

One problem I realized is, with a name like that (pixie glitz) that guy on TV is gonna find out and say "Yeah, that's gay". Oh well.

That's it on the left. It doesn't look all that different than my old phone and has many of the same features.


At 9:22 AM, Blogger Sally Sheffield said...

At least you'll never have to replace Connie, what a great wife!🏆Your new phone looks good. Hope it works for a long time. 😃


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