Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Conspiracy Theories

I like the way this fellow, Paul Rosenburg looks at conspiracy theories. He thinks they're intentional, at least to some extent:

" The powers that be – the elite, the deep state, whomever – want wild conspiracy theories to spread. Because after these wild theories set the “outrage meter” very high, they can get away with almost anything below that line."

But, he doesn't think conspiracy theories are worth obsessing over:

"I can’t think of a single conspiracy theory that’s worth majoring upon. Aliens at Roswell or the Kennedy assassination may be fun speculations – and I’d love to know the God’s-honest truth about both – but they’re simply not that important."

I've always wondered about such theories in general and felt current dialogue makes them more believable. For instance, if it was true that 9/11 was an actual conspiracy- and I mean for real- what would we be hearing now? 

Exactly what we're already hearing: "No way they could pull that off", "it would have taken thousands of people to do that. Someone would say something", and so on. I guess we'll never know for sure since even if it was true, we'd be hearing the same things.


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