Friday, September 23, 2016

Election 2016

The Lost Coast Outpost covered yesterday's Eureka City Council candidate forum featuring John Fullerton and Austin Allison. Seems to me Fullerton is the best choice.

The Santa Rosa Press- Democrat comes out against Prop 57, another one of those sentence reduction deals. They make some good points, although I won't say I'm convinced:
"Creating a credit system that encourages inmates to take advantage of evidence-based rehabilitation programs is a good thing. California’s prisons are focused too much on correction and not rehabilitation. But where Proposition 57 goes astray is in the details — such as its failure to make clear what nonviolent felonies qualify for the program."

The Los Angeles Times' George Skelton looks at Prop 55- the extension of the supposed temporary tax increases of last election's Prop 30. He doesn't seem pleased with it, nor am I.

Dan Walters wonders what's up with all the tax increases on the ballot, pointing out many of them really just cover public pension shortfalls.

The Sacramento Bee reports the California Association of Police Chiefs has come out opposing Prop 63. That's Gavin Newsom's gun control initiative. Good for them, but not too much of a surprise to me as police I've known aren't generally big on gun control

This doesn't mean the police chiefs have become advocates of civil rights. It could be a one- time thing. The same article also reports those same police chiefs oppose the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. Then again, some pot use advocates oppose AUMA. Whad'ya do?


At 11:31 AM, Blogger Sally Sheffield said...

Criminals are punished many times with"a slap on the wrist". Is it true that prisoners watch TV and have their own cellphones? They have sir conditioning. These type of luxuries need to end. For the last 7yrs my car has not had AC. From more personal experience I can tell you I did not have a TV for 4yrs. As you can see I survived. There's not alot of good on TV anyway. It makes me angry when I see people using the"food stamp"card while holding their expensive iPhone. Tough punishment needs to be enforced. That way, criminals would have something to fear about committing crimes. Enforce capital punishment. This will also ease overcrowding. Get tough on crime.


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