Saturday, October 15, 2016

Johnson Leads in Mock Ohio Poll

A strange election indeed, especially if this story is true. The Ohio Secretary of State supposedly ran a mock presidential poll with Gary Johnson coming out in the lead, at least so far. Seems fishy to me if only because I wouldn't think it appropriate for a Secretary of State to run a likely easily manipulated mock poll. I would think the SoS would leave the manipulation for the real election:

" In Ohio mock voting, reportedly done through the Ohio Secretary of State’s office, Gary Johnson leads Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in a landslide. Johnson (at time of publication) was receiving 30.11 percent of the vote with a total of incoming 76,014 votes. Donald Trump got 35,171 votes for 13.93 percent of the vote, and Hillary got 27,393 votes resulting in 10.85 percent."

Even stranger when you consider the following:

"To put this in perspective, in 2012 Gary Johnson only got 49,293 votes from Ohio in the general election in 2012." 

Then again, did anyone catch that segment on the election on NBC News last night? They did a seconds long interview with a younger black guy. I'd guess he was in his 20s. They asked him who he was voting for and he said "Gary Johnson". That was it. No one else was featured. Maybe some surprises in store, but I doubt it.

Oh, and Hank Sims looks at the pros and cons of Eureka's Measure P over at the Lost Coast Outpost.


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