Friday, November 18, 2016

S.F. Chronicle On Post Prop 64 Growing

Humboldt County is the center of this article on growing pot after the passage of Prop 64 in the San Francisco Chronicle. Some uncertainty is expressed, but one grower points out as I have in the past that there will likely always be a market for premium crop:

“The only way I can compete is with a boutique brand,” said LeClair, who this year grew 100 plants on two properties,"


At 10:20 AM, Blogger A patriot said...

I was a grower for several 215 patients. I say 'was' because Prop 64 limits my garden to 10 plants. Period. I can no longer grow my medicine, your medicine, his medicine, and your medicine. Patients' rights under Prop 64 are all but erased. If you have a medical need for cannabis and cannot afford the prohibition-era prices at the dispensary, nor do you have the space to grow your 10 plants, then your needs will remain unmet. Those "high-rollers" that are buying up all of NorCal's land represent entities such as R.J. Reynolds, Phillip Morris, Monsanto, and Anhauser-Busch.
So thank you, California voters, for giving our medicine and our rights over to corporate interests. Thank you, and f*** you very much.

-a non-commercial Humboldt grower

At 4:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

re: what patriot said, is largely sad and true. if the issue was to focus on availability AND price, the people who need it most are getting the shaft, no question. the price will remain high and there will be fewer "black market" sources, especially in urban areas where there's never going to be an option to simply "grow your own".


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