Saturday, December 03, 2016

Dave Ramsey on CNN

I was surprised while surfing channels on TV last night to stumble on to some CNN news show. The guest, who I thought I recognized, was Dave Ramsey, a radio show host from the east coast. He's a financial advisor type guy and the show's host was asking him his thoughts on the election and subsequent Trump presidency. You might be able to see the video here.

Long time readers here might remember I won $1000.00 in a drawing a few years ago. Dave Ramsey's show was the one that sponsored the drawing so I was interested in seeing what he had to say. I was surprised to find him talking pretty much along libertarian lines. He went on at some length how people shouldn't expect a president or any politician to take care of them or save them from their personal situations. That job is up to the individual, he said.

Pretty cool talk with him and the host of the show only went on to ask him further questions. Good show and a fun one for me.


At 11:33 PM, Blogger Tom Sebourn said...

Pretty good show overall. I used to run it on KGOE but only an hour. Kins or Kwsw wanted to run all 3 so I let him go.

I have Clark Howard which is also an excellent show giving people advice the tools to keep from wasting money and getting ripped off.

Dave Ramsey used to send a little tin of cookies to the station every Christmas. They were the best cookies.


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