Friday, December 16, 2016

The Downside of Legal Pot

I'd never really considered it to be a potential problem with legal pot but the Lost Coast Outpost reports on an automotive business being thrown off its property to make way for a cannabis based business. It seems the price of warehouse space has skyrocketed since the passage of Prop 64 which legalized recreational marijuana so it puts landlords in the position of choosing between existing tenants or higher paying new ones.

But, the article reminds us that's the way capitalism can work: one business fades away to be replaced by another. I'm not sure you can see evidence of that being all that good of a thing in Eureka. With the exception of Winco taking over Sears' old space in the Eureka Mall, I can't come up with any relatively new businesses that were an improvement. Well, maybe Les Schwab Tire coming to Eureka was an improvement, but that's probably it.

As far as automotive service businesses, I'm not sure we'll ever have enough of them. Let's hope no more of them are pushed aside by pot businesses.


At 8:17 AM, Blogger Henchman Of Justice said...

Exactly, who will pay higher rents equates to who "supposedly" has more money to pay.

Conservatives ate smart to sell off land to dope growers.....

Plus, the county assessor is very happy to help create unaffordable housing and business space as long as someone has the ability to be gouged and pay higher prices for land ........

Wonder if the scam artists housing first con jobbers will take a lead in business first too....

Where are all the haters of high housing costs, high rents,

They got what they wanted, more dope!

More dope, more crimes of the lay and wait conspiracies to commit burglary or robbery and murder if need be.

Why grow when it is easier to rip off later!!!!!!!!!

Fuck this dope policy is a setup, a rigged policy.......told y'all so, but not enough people can pull their own heads outta their own shit filled asses.

At 1:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

We're taking an established, solid business and replacing it with one with an extremely uncertain future as a gazillion other ventures like it also try to enter the cannabis business. Most of them will falter.

Check back in 3 years. I'd put good money on the warehouse sitting empty, on its way toward becoming an eyesore as there are few people wanting a warehouse smack dab in the middle of a low traffic residential neighborhood. It's a miracle the car shop thrived there in the first place, let alone zoning allowing it to exist there.

At 1:23 PM, Blogger Fred Mangels said...

" It's a miracle the car shop thrived there in the first place, let alone zoning allowing it to exist there."

Not so sure about that if only because I think there's always a demand for quality car work, especially one in your neighborhood so you don't have to drive for half an hour to get your car worked on.

I can think of one that used to be down near 7th Street in Eureka that advertised itself as the "neighborhood mechanic". Of course, that one went out of business. Not so much I think because of location, but because of not being savvy enough on the business end of it.


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