Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Psylocybin For Cancer?

The Daily Sheeple reports on a discovery that psylocybin, a mushroom with psychedelic properties when ingested, has been shown to be effective in treating depression resulting from cancer. They actually did a story on this one of the major news networks I was watching the other night. As one would imagine, when diagnosed with a life threatening illness, many people suffer from anxiety and depression. The British have found psylocybin might be what's needed to alleviate the psyche problems associated with cancer. Of course, the British, just as with Americans, have to go through all sorts of hoops to do such studies since psylocybin is considered a dangerous drug with no medical value. Government is the obstacle, as usual.

Would I like to try it? Not while at home. I don't suffer depression or anxiety up here. When I'm in the hospital at UCSF I most certainly do and might try anything to get me out of that slump. Last time down there I talked someone into providing marinol, the synthetic form of marijuana, and it really did help. When I pointed that out to medical staff, they didn't seem to care, so I'm not expecting UCSF to jump on the psylocybin bandwagon.

Maybe I should try growing some since I'm gonna grow pot? Nah. Let's not get carried away with this. Besides, I'm told those mushrooms grow wild here and during the Fall people are out prowling the farm fields in search of psylocybin mushrooms. I'm not sure I've ever seen what I thought was that happening in my 40 plus years here. I've just been told they do.

Then again, while illegal, it does provide an opportunity if someone wants to take the chance. I recall back in the '80s ordering a mushroom kit from a gardening catalog. It was a box maybe a foot square and 10 inches deep filled with mushroom spawn. You open the box and open the plastic bag the spawn was in, then sprinkle water on the spawn and put the box in a dark place. That's what I did and a week or two later I had a box of mushrooms. I was  bit leery about eating them, though, and most just seemed to dissolve. Neat idea for an entrepreneur though huh? A do- it- yourself psylocybin farm.

So, if I end up in the UCSF hospitals again, maybe I'll ask for psylocybin? No harm in trying.


At 9:05 AM, Blogger Rick Wentworth said...

last time i had shroom tea was 1982 and had 2 cups with taco dinner , then we watched up in smoke , cheech & chong
i can easily see how it would ease depression cause i never laughed so hard in my life . everything was funny , even when my friend was giving me haircut and made one side half bald.
they do grow wild all over , mostly near cow crap . they look like liberty bells about 2 inches tall and an inch diameter or so . thats why they called liberty caps

At 9:19 AM, Blogger Fred Mangels said...

"they do grow wild all over , mostly near cow crap"

I remember when I used to be a caretaker on a ranch in Maple Creek some of the younger folks found mushrooms near cow pies, figured they were psylocybin and ate them. I wasn't gonna touch them unless I knew for sure. They survived. I don't recall if the ever got a buzz of them.

" everything was funny"

Yep. I remember when I first took LSD at around age 15. A friend and I split a tab and were hanging out in front of a local grocery store. We started laughing at pretty much everything. I didn't realize it was the LSD for some time. Finally, I did and suggested we go to my house rather than make spectacles of ourselves in front of the store. We walked off, still laughing.

On the other side, I had some friends come over one night. One had taken LSD. I didn't know it at the time but that guy had a history of "flipping out" or "bad trips". We were upstairs at my house having a good time when all of the sudden the guy goes "Who are you guys?" and looks kinda scared at us. The guy who came with him, Brian, was aware of Bernie's problems with hallucinogen and says "Bernie, you ok?" . He wasn't. He was out of it. All we could do was try and talk him down, which didn't help much.

Finally, about 4 in the morning the drug wore off and he went home. His younger brother moved up here shortly after I did.


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