Saturday, December 10, 2016

Richard Rider Warms To Donald Trump

It's not a complete surprise to see past Libertarian Party gubernatorial candidate, Richard Rider, has nice things to write about Donald Trump. I am a bit surprised at how many good things he has to write. He's more than just a disinterested observer. He's gone from being an opponent, to a fan:

 "I've been a vehement opponent of Donald Trump."

"I'm becoming a HUUGGGEEEE Donald Trump fan.... since being elected, Trump has acted far more responsibly than most people anticipated.  His post-election "60 Minutes" hostile interview was a perfect example.  He crushed it.  Without insults, without snide comments, without meanness -- he kicked ass."

I didn't see the 60 Minutes interview so I'll take his word for it since I agree with most of the rest he wrote. Go check it out. I'm sure many of you will have your blood boiling by the time you're done, but he's right:

" The progressives' worst fears are being realized -- and that's a GOOD thing."


Yep, I'll be loving it...until he does something to piss me off. It might not take too long.


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