Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Looking at Complaints About Trump

Reason magazine takes a look at all the angst over Donald Trump, pointing out he hasn't really done anything yet and those complaints also amount to hypocrisy:

"Who can take journalists seriously—who've never once uttered a word of concern over the Democratic Party's crusade to empower government to ban political speech by overturning Citizens United—when they lose it over a tweet about flag-burning?"

I've been feeling some of the same. I wondered about all the worry over his cabinet picks- some of that worry I feel is justified- when they seem the same sort of picks any other president might make, Republican or Democrat:

"If Obama had pulled off the Carrier deal, the same people would have been complaining on opposite sides of the issue."

"... that doesn't make this the era of Trump; it means we're still in the era of Washington, D.C. Freak out accordingly."


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