Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Supes Mull Redevelopment...Again

The more I hear of this County Redevelopment Agency proposal, the less I like it. Looks like the Board of Supervisors got an earful on the issue the other day, from both sides of the issue. I tend to agree with those on the opposing side who, for the most part, are saying it will cause financial hardship to their communities along with a sort of "if it aint broke, don't try and fix it.." feeling.

I find the most of the proponents arguments somewhat troubling, if only because they seem bound and determined to go ahead with these redevelopment schemes no matter what the consequences. But, in fairness, at least from my viewpoint, all sides seem to be getting a fair hearing on the issue and it looks like Redway might be removed from the plan due to opposition from that community.

I wonder if all this redevelopment stuff would be getting the attention it's been getting if it hadn't been for the Taxpayer's League lawsuit against Eureka and the Eureka Redevelopment Advisory Board (which I opposed and still do, for the most part)?


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