Sunday, February 03, 2008

Musgrave Pounds The Pavement

With all the rain yesterday I was actually surprised at the number of people I saw walking around town.

I saw a guy walking in front of my house all sopping wet and he turned and walked up to my front door. I assumed he must be placing those door hangar brochures for whatever business on my front door as he was carrying some papers with him. When I he didn't leave right away and I heard him knock on the door I went to go see what he wanted.

It turned out to be Ed Musgrave. He's out walking around in the pouring rain gathering signatures "in lieu of filing fees" for his intended run at the 1st District, State Assembly seat. He'll be running under the Libertarian Party banner.

It's nice to see a candidate really putting out such an effort, pretty much all by himself, but I wouldn't have expected him to be out gathering signatures on a day like yesterday. He gets an A for effort.


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