Sunday, July 27, 2008

An Old Letter

I'm on the Publisher's Clearing House Sweepstakes e- mail list. They send you an e-mail just about every day with a link they want you to click on. Usually you get an entry into their multi- million dollar sweep every time you click on the link.

This time it was one of those where you had to do more than just click on the link. The link went to some weird page where you had to do a search for something. I decided to go ahead with it and, since I hadn't done a search for myself in sometime, entered my name.

This page was what I got. Scrolling down, I found this link to an old letter to the editor I wrote that was published in the Los Angeles Times. It's funny in that the letter doesn't seem all that coherent to me now. Perhaps it's because the letter isn't broken down into paragraphs?

Interesting that something you write seems ok when you write it but years later doesn't seem as good. Also a bit odd finding that old letter when I've become pretty much ambivalent about Instant Runoff Voting since then.
As an aside, I've gotten a real kick when I get a letter published in one of the bigger newspapers. I read somewhere that the San Francisco Chronicle receives up to 800 letters to the editor on an average Monday. It seems quite the achievement to me to be one of the few picked for publication.

I've had two and a half letters published in the SF Chronicle and two published in the LA Times. Haven't written an LTE in quite some time.


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