Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm Rich!

My ship finally came in! I got this check in the mail yesterday for $4,950.23. All I have to do now is deposit it in my bank account, do some shopping for them, fill out a form and then do some unspecified Western Union thing. Doesn't get any better than that, does it?

Actually, NO. I know it's a scam. The way these things usually work is you deposit the check in your account and then they have you send a lesser amount of money back to them. Problem is, the check is bogus. Once you send them the money, you're on the hook for the money you sent them and any bounced check fees.

This one is kind of odd, though, in that the instructions don't specifically mention sending them money. They have you fill out an evaluation form for the stores where you went shopping for them and then go to Western Union to send the form to them. I'm guessing that's when you get scammed?

Either that, or it's when you call the 1-800 phone number they provide to "activate" your check. Maybe it's one of those phone scams where they charge you $10.00 a minute, or some such.

Either way, now I have this check to deal with. Anyone out there want to buy it from me for $1000.00? You can sell it to someone else for $1500.00 and make a handy profit.



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