Thursday, December 09, 2010

Questions: New Eureka Open Door Clinic

Interesting North Coast Journal Piece on the the proposed expanded Open Door Health Clinic in Eureka. Unless I missed something, a couple questions come to mind:

Both proposed locations for the clinic are on, or near, the waterfront or protected wetlands. I didn't see any mention of how the California Coastal Commission would be involved with this. Wouldn't they involved as they are with Marina Center?

It also looks like the plan is rather grandiose for what revenue the clinic can be expected to bring in. I'm sure the vast majority of Open Door Clinic patients are on MediCare, MediCal, or have no health insurance at all. How will they be able to pay for expanded operations when they're building such an expensive project?

Even a related story in today's Times- Standard says more and more doctors are going to have to stop accepting MediCal/MediCare patients. I'm more than happy to see new or expanded primary care facilities in the area, but I don't know that they'll last long with the kind of revenues I anticipate them bringing in.


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