Sunday, February 06, 2011


I couldn't care less about sports and, no, I won't be watching THE GAME today. I figured most other folks would be. Once again I felt like the loneliest guy in town. Then I saw one of those opinion polls on the CNN web site. Last time I looked, 38% of the votes cast said they wouldn't be watching THE GAME.

Maybe I'm not the loneliest guy anymore?

That's kind of like Memorial Day weekend when everybody supposedly goes to THE LAKE. It's life as usual for me on any holiday so long as I can help it. I certainly wouldn't try to go to THE LAKE on a holiday.

Last year CNN had one of those same type polls asking how many people would be traveling during Memorial Day, at least I think it was Memorial Day. I believe it was 30% or less that said they'd be going somewhere. Most were staying home.

I guess I'm not alone in wanting to go to THE LAKE on slower days.


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