Monday, June 20, 2011

Eureka Garbage Rates Increasing?

Gee. Who' a thunk? Looks like the Eureka City Council will be discussing raising garbage pick up rates by July 1 (bold letters mine for emphasis):

"The council is also slated to consider approving a rate increase for the city's garbage collection. If approved, rates would increase by 2.26 percent for all customers beginning July 1 -- the equivalent of about 53 cents a month for the average residential customer and $3.24 per commercial customer. Then, when the commercial recycling component of the city's garbage and recycling ordinance goes into effect, rates would increase another 6.6 percent, bringing the total average monthly increase to $2.08 per residential and $12.66 per commercial customer. "

I wrote here earlier about City Garbage increasing rates around 25% the year before garbage pick up was forced on Eureka city residents and here we go again. I also wrote earlier that I though local garbage service was a bargain at the time, until talk started of forcing it on everyone. The biggest concern for most people is that, should they eventually decide they can't afford garbage pick- up, they won't have a choice but to pay for it.

Told ya so.
I was also surprised to read in that news article (towards the bottom) that some gal was struck by a Highway Patrol vehicle on Rudy Street (Where's that?) in Eureka. First I'd heard of it.


At 11:15 AM, Anonymous Casual Observer said...

Well, I'm quite happy with the City's garbage/recycling program. I've been able to reduce my can down to a 20 gal. size because of the giant blue recycling monster, which I'm happy to lug down to the curb every 3-4 weeks.
I purchased three appliances this year but have no way to haul the old ones away. Thanks to the garbage program, City Garbage (oops--Recology Humboldt County) came to the curb and hauled them away, as part of the program. Then I found $200 in rebates/credits for the washing machine--What a Day!!
Now the City has a way to force removal of some of those piles of garbage around some of our Eureka homes.
I think my new monthly rate will increase $0.22 per month--still a bargain!

At 2:38 PM, Blogger Fred Mangels said...

I've been able to reduce my can down to a 20 gal. size because of the giant blue recycling monster,....

Something you could have done long before recycling was forced upon us (as I did) had you the initiative or the desire.

At 4:15 PM, Blogger beachcomber said...

Happily beating my dead horse to a bloody pulp....

I'm still not putting out any more/less trash than before because I've always recycled rabidly. I still don't fill my 20 gallon can every week though it's tempting now that I'm forced to have it. Whether or not Recology is doing a good job, I'm STILL pissed that I'm being forced to pay money to a private company. Go municipal or let me choose whether or not to use the vendor. I only have one cable choice but I don't HAVE to have cable. And I've still never had a Council person address that question,no matter how many times I've asked! Grrr.

Thanks for letting me drag out that old chestnut, Fred. I'm better now.

At 4:46 PM, Blogger Fred Mangels said...

I only have one cable choice but I don't HAVE to have cable.

Yes, but you do have at least two choices for satellite TV to replace cable.


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