Thursday, May 31, 2012

Biggest California Political Spenders

Dan Morain wrote yet another Pro- Prop 29 commentary yesterday in the Sacramento Bee. At least he tried to. Once again he focused on the tobacco companies despite the fact it's smokers who will pay the tax. He went on and on about tobacco companies contributing to politicians. 

Most of us had to laugh when this graph of major contributors was posted in the comments. Notice the top 3 contributors, by far, are the California Teachers Association, Service Employees International (government workers) and the pharmaceutical industries. Has Dan ever went after them?

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At 8:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Henchman Of Justice" asks,

Fred, is there a method or way to have Californian's put together a proposition that raises the BUSINESS tax on individual economic sectors WHEN, instead of profit going to address a "real company generated problem", the burden would be THREATENED upon the consumers to make-up the profit sustaining tax? Profit is good WHEN it is not GOUGING. NORMALLY, the consumer is given the choice to decide to over-spend or not - a tax like this does not allow any options other than the consumer paying more and maybe, maybe a few smokers will stop. HOJ is ALL FOR a sales tax only tax system (set & capped @ a certain % CONSTITUTIONALLY by the voters, not the elected). Anyhow, HOJ believes users of tobacco products should pay a tax for the impacts that society must deal with, BUT no more than what the company should be liable for when considering public general welfare versus individual choices. This proposed tax treats users of tobacco disproportionately when compared to users of other products (and the public general welfare impacts are no worse to boot - floating masses in the Pacific Ocean)(just using health as a ruse to tax those who need better health in the eyes of those critical others.....addicts usually don't stop just because the drug gets more fact, common thievery may just go-up so that an addicted to tobacco user now can get dough to buy flame sticks with) This tax attempt is also a gadget for government to create another funding source for social service type effect, making all patients through a SALES TRANSACTION pay for some service USED BY LESS THAN 100% of the Sales Transaction customers, but that which creates ENOUGH good JOBS for the newly created job position and/or FOR the CURRENT UNDERFUNDED maintenances of an existing position or few in already acting social services ...... It is becoming more and more covert how government attempts to steal money and wealth before it can be generated for an individual, but cumulatively added-up, the stealing nets great interest income returns in those "taxpayer bailed-out" financial institutions that love government deposits and the Federal Reserve System...... Local Officials play the same game too difference is the local politicians make their game "personal". - HOJ


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